Cool Quarantine Content

that we can create for you...right now!

Social distancing doesn’t mean we get distant from our peers. Your business can now engage more quickly and easily with your audience staying home. You have the opportunity to send them short animated reminders, info or anything you feel like doing to staying in touch.




Video templates


– keep in touch with your audience online

– reach new receptive market, as we #workfromhome

– stand out, while still keeping it affordable

– engage quickly, easily and as often as you need.


– tell us about your communication needs

– we send you a plan proposal

– together we decide the amount of content and budget

– we send you the content and you can start posting!


– 8 gifs about your product to post twice a week, one short 15s animation for product/service

– send us your product, you will receive 4 stop-motion content to post weekly

– dynamic video content made with your old footage or recorded on your personal devices. send us the footage, we send you a cool video.

– have a long recorded webinar? Get a 1 minute video summary to make it easier for your followers.

for short and visual information, both fun and serious

creative presentations or storytelling with your product

creative 2D animations for any kind of idea and story

integrate existing videos or photos in a beautiful dynamic style


15 + 6 =