Star Wars + Interstellar = Meme gold!

21 Apr Star Wars + Interstellar = Meme gold!

What a genius idea to match up Matthew McConaughey’s breakdown in Interstellar to the release of the newest Star Wars trailer! It shows how powerful editing is and what new meaning can be created by just playing around with the shots 😀

If you haven’t seen it yet, wait no longer please!

So from a deeply saddened father his character was turned (hilariously) into a massive Star Wars fanboy, unable to control his excitement of the franchise continuation. It became viral because it’s so simple to imagine and yet so surprising that someone thought about it.

It also proves that one of cinema’s early discoveries about juxtaposing shots is still very effective today. Coined “the Kuleshov effect” after a Russian filmmaker of the 1910s-20s, this type of playful editing shows that adding to the same subject different reaction shots gives the impression that the actor portrays different emotions, although he doesn’t act any differently.

FilmmakerIQ explain this very well with the manipulation of Hitchock’s gaze. Although the famous director’s face is unchanged in left and right, the fact that the camera reveals a different subject changes our perception of what he is thinking. And thus sweet Alfred can become a pervert, and McConaughey’s tragic character becomes a teenage fanboy by the manipulation of an imaginative mind 🙂


Oh and beware, it seems there might be more reactions to come from this McConaughey montage judging by a quick Google search.