How We Made The First Romanian Book Trailer

23 Apr How We Made The First Romanian Book Trailer

Thanks to a great collaboration with like-minded Anca Eftime, founder of Epica Publishing House for teenagers and young adults, we are proud to be part of an emerging trend in Romania, that of book trailers. We met at an entrepreneurial conference, where we realized how much we both value the power of video and decided to work together. Because Anca’s clients are tech savvy and born in a social media era, she wanted to incorporate online trends into her work. Initially without a clue about this niche of Youtube videos, we learned from her that teenagers who love to read also post video reviews of their latest impressions and that many new books are launched with a trailer, exactly as a movie release would be promoted.

A clever way of enticing youngsters to read, video is a unique tool for it. Our first collaboration was for the Romanian launch of Maya Van Wagenen’s bestseller “Popular: Vintage Wisdom for a Modern Geek” (“Cum Am Devenit Populara”), an enchanting journal of a fourteen year old, who applies tips and tricks from a 50s good manners manual. Not only is her early achievement remarkable, but also her strong personality and self-deprecating style. Maya’s book will also be turned into a movie by Steven Spielberg’s production company, which shows how visual and dramatic her story is.

We created an animation for it, which we wanted to be funny and sweet, reminding of the book that Maya took dated advice from. We had the same actress perform Maya’s character as well as Betty Cornell‘s by the loveable Ana Balescu, and we also featured the real Maya speaking in Romanian.

Here it is: