Future of Media – Bucharest

10 Dec Future of Media – Bucharest

It’s reassuring to see how much interest and concern is placed on the future of our media, not just by bloggers, vloggers and programmers, but also by brands and advertising agencies. Inspiring calls to action resonated with our ideas of how we would like to shape new media’s direction at the second edition of Future of Media Conference Bucharest. Gathering so many trendsetters and (future) experts under one roof resulted in an buzzing atmosphere, all thanks to Evensys, an event company run by Cristian Manafu, an important name in the Romanian digital landscape. Apart from attending the conference, we picked his brain on video trends, an interview which we will publish soon!


In the mean time, here are some quotes and paraphrases that stuck with us:


Laura Barbu – Brand and Marketing Director at Vodafone 

“If last year we had an app for anything, next year we’ll have a video for anything.”

Petrisor Obae – Owner at Pagina de Media

“The content creates the brand and the brand creates trust.”

Mugur Patrascu – Owner at iLeo

“Communication is pop culture. Be part of the news feed and empathize with your clients.”

Razvan Capanescu – Chief Creative Officer, Leo Burnett Group

“Being connected on a secondary screen is not impolite.”

Mihai Gongu – Creative Director, GMP Advertising

“Brands need to hire meme agents and know when to exploit a context. If Florin Salam does the ice bucket challenge, you’re too late in the game.”

“Brands will move budgets towards new vloggers.”

Tudor Galos – Consumer Marketing Manager at Microsoft

“Products need to lead to an experience.”

“The brand and user co-create the experience of a product. Clients need to feel caressed by the offer.”


And last but not least, one of our favourites:

Ilyan – Creative Director, Ilyan.com

“The hashtag is the only safe place for text.”

“Robots, wearables and augmented reality not so cool anymore. But although it’s not new, video is enriching/replacing most of the content.”

“Technology not as important as the IDEA and entertainment value.”

“2015 is the year of video.”

“There will be a journey from Silicon Valley to Hollywood.”


Talks about video’s future in Romania with Cristi Manafu